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Tired of post-flight paperwork?


Flightsheet’s post-flight reporting gives you everything you need and is right every time.

Correct Calculations

Flightsheet does the math for the pilot. They simply enter their beginning and end values and Flightsheet does the calculations. That means you save time double checking calculations on post-flight reports.

Clean Reports

Flightsheet exports a PDF or an Excel report (which your accounting department will love). No more deciphering handwriting and adding potential error as you re-enter values into your reporting system. Simply copy and paste from the Flightsheet report, or better yet, use the Flightsheet report for your files.

Record Expenses

To keep track of expenses, pilots simply record values in the app and snap a picture of their receipts. These images are sent to you along with the report, giving you a paper-free way to track and file.

Tired of messy post-flight reporting?

After a flight, pilots typically have an hour of paperwork to complete–an hour when they’re ready to move on to the next thing. Handwriting is messy, calculations are subject to pilot error, then you get handed a wad of crumpled receipts.

Flightsheet allows pilots to track everything, all from an app. What you get is a nice, clean, tailored PDF or Excel report with photos of receipts. No deciphering handwriting. No more redoing calculations. No more tracking expenses with messy receipts.

Digital Tripsheet Management

Flightsheet is a pilot-centric application that makes preparing and submitting aircraft tripsheet and expense data fast and easy. Tripsheets can be completed and bound to expense reports with receipts captured by your iPhone/iPad camera, all while in the air. This means that when you step off the plane, the paperwork is complete. You retain your tripsheets and expense reports for as long as you need them. They can be directed to interested parties by text or email in both PDF and spreadsheet forms.