You fly the planes.

Flightsheet manages the paperwork.

Why spend an hour doing post-flight paperwork when you could complete it in about 15 minutes? Flightsheet allows you to generate tripsheets, track passengers, record expenses, and generate the reports you need so you can focus on flying and then move on with your life.

Build Tripsheets

Flightsheet keeps track of beginning and ending airframe and engine values and does the calculations for you. You can easily capture your squawks and see completed post-flight checks, as well as times and cycles/trend monitoring.

Tracking Expenses

Categorize your receipts with a prepopulated menu for aircraft and pilot expenses. Automatically keep them in chronological order. Shed extra paper weight by photographing receipts to include in your reports.

Share your Reports

Once you’ve updated your flight information and taken photos of your receipts, you can quickly export an Excel or PDF report that can be sent via email or text to your management company.

Keeping Your Data

Retain aircraft, passenger and expense data as long as you need it, regardless of who owns or manages the aircraft.