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Frequently Asked Questions.


Q: How long does it actually take to create a Flightsheet using the app?

A: After initial setup, we can knock out a completed Flightsheet in about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes. This includes: legs, times, squawks, passengers and post-flight. This does not include an expense report.

Q: How long does it actually take to create an expense report using the app?

A: Supposing you have six or seven receipts, it might take a new user 10-12 minutes. That includes entering the categories, amounts, and capturing a picture. The best part? All of that can be done in-flight, and submitted seconds after dumping ice.

Q: How would occasional pilots have access to and be trained on the app?

A: Flightsheet is licensed to the Pilot. So if you have someone show up only occasionally, then either turn them on to Flightsheet or, worst case, they still use the paper based trip report, just like today.



Q: Where do I start?

A: We suggest going to the “Settings” page under the main menu and setting up Pilots and Aircraft. You only have to enter these one time and they are stored in the system for future use. Every trip requires a pilot and an airplane.

Q: How do I access beginning flight times and other data for a new Flightsheet?

A: When you are on the ground and have internet access, go to “Aircraft Info” and tap the first Hobbs box. If beginning values are present in the Flightsheet cloud, you will be asked if you want to start with those. If they are not already there, you need to make a first time entry of them into the app.



Q: As I update my Flightsheet, how do I save my work?

A: There is no “save” button. All entries are recorded as they are entered (and you may overwrite them).

Q:If a correction has to be made to a sheet, how do subsequent sheet corrections happen?

A: Any Flightsheet in your “Active” list can be changed at any time. However, Archived Flightsheets are “read only.” If you’ve Archived a Flightsheet and need to change it, then you need to go to the Archived screen, Select the specific Flightsheet you want to change, and hit the “Send To Active” button. It then moves to the Active list where you can edit the Flightsheet.

Q: What does “Archiving” mean?

A: It really means that a Flightsheet will no longer appear on the main screen, and you won’t be bothered by it. However, you can always access any sheet you’ve ever archived. They are always in the system.

Q: When is it time to archive a Flightsheet?

A: You can archive a Flightsheet generally after you have created a PDF version and sent it off to interested parties.

Q: How do receipts actually get captured to the flight sheet?

A: To capture a receipt, you simply go to the “Expenses” part of a Flightsheet, and use your iPhone’s camera to take a picture of the receipt. Flightsheet automatically saves the picture with that Flightsheet. At the end of a trip, you generate a PDF of the Flightsheet and all the expenses that you’ve taken a picture of will be included in the Flightsheet PDF. No more paper.

Q: How would the physical receipts be handled?

A: There’s two ways to handle physical receipts. Some Management Companies will still want them. If so, our pilots generally drop them off a day or two after the trip, the next time they’re at the airport. But the urgency is off because the Management Company will have the image in the Flightsheet PDF. But what we are seeing is that most Management Companies are fine with the photo in the PDF, and simply ask the Pilot to retain physical receipts for some period of time in case there’s any questions.

Q: Can I delete a sheet after starting it?

A: Yes.



Q: What system do I use to send my Flightsheet and expense report?

A: You use your typical text or email function on your phone to send an excel file or PDF.

Q: How could archived copies of the trip sheets be accessed by the Company/Pilots?

A: For the Pilot, Flightsheet keeps all your Flightsheets for one year. So the best thing to do is simply send yourself the PDF in a text message or email, and archive them for long periods of time using that.

Q: Can pilots obtain hard copies of the sheets by including themselves on the transmittal address for the completed forms??

A: Yes, simply Export the Flightsheet to PDF, and send it to yourself via text message or email. By the way, if your iPhone is set up with Dropbox, iCloud or other file system, you can also save the PDF direct to a file folder.

Q: Can two pilots access the app from different phones with a common password?

A: One account can download to several devices, so if you had several iPhones, folks would go through the same account (if they were on the same account).