Hey, Pilots.

Leave the paperwork to us and just fly.


Use the Flightsheet App to manage your post-flight reporting paperwork.


Save Time

In just two flights per week, you’ll save more than five hours a month doing paperwork–time you aren’t getting paid for.


Manage Flight Logs

Digital flight logs and reports are portable (they’ll go with you no matter whom you work for) and organized into a single, easy-to-file PDF.


Move On

With Flightsheet’s digital flight sheet management, when the engines shut down you can, too. That means you can keep moving–to your family, to the next flight, to the golf course.

What is Your Time Worth?

You’ve landed the plane and are off the clock, there is still work to be done. Read the Hobbs meters, record your flight time, report fuel burn, track legs, report squawks, copy receipts, staple it all together, send it to management. You do your own math, make sure to write legibly, and finally glance at the clock only to realize an hour has passed since you landed–an hour you aren’t getting paid for.

Meanwhile, you have family waiting at home or a tee time you’re trying to make.

Flightsheet does the work for you.  With a single app, you can quickly enter data and complete trip sheets, add receipts and export a PDF to give to management or aircraft owner–all in about 15 minutes.


Build Tripsheets

Flightsheet collects all the information your management company and owner will want to know:


  • Basic trip information
  • Passenger names and lead passenger
  • Legs flown
  • Expenses (with photos of receipts)
  • Post-flight checklist
  • Squawks
  • Times
  • Cycles/Trend Monitoring

Tracking Expenses

Categorize your receipts with a prepopulated menu for aircraft and pilot expenses. Automatically keep them in chronological order. Shed extra paper weight by photographing receipts to include in your reports.

Share your reports

Once you’ve updated your flight information and taken photos of your receipts, you can quickly export an Excel or PDF report that can be sent via email or text to your management company or owner.

Keeping your Data

Retain aircraft, passenger and expense data as long as you need it, regardless of who owns or manages the aircraft.

Digital Tripsheet Management

Flightsheet is a pilot-centric application that makes preparing and submitting aircraft tripsheet and expense data fast and easy. Tripsheets can be completed and bound to expense reports with receipts captured by your iPhone/iPad camera, all while in the air. This means that when you step off the plane, the paperwork is complete. You retain your tripsheets and expense reports for as long as you need them. They can be directed to interested parties by text or email in both PDF and spreadsheet forms.