An App for Pilots Developed by Pilots.

We love pilot life. And we love it even more now that we have Flightsheet.

What is Flightsheet?

Brian Blessing was an 11,000 hour commercial pilot who wanted to stop the significant time drain of how tripsheets and expense reports were completed and managed. Chip Davis, also a pilot, was a professional software investor focused on process improvement. Together they teamed with Phil Gilbert, Head of Design at IBM, and Russ Parrish, Design for SpaceX, to form Flightsheet.

Brian and Chip knew plenty of pilots who lived with paperwork resentment issues. Phil and Russ’s design background lent itself to creating great software user experiences which could remove that resentment. Together they built something for you that we think is pretty special.

Flightsheet helps pilots by making the paperwork disappear, and it does it in a way that’s easy and actually gives you, your management, and the aircraft owner a more polished report. Cut the process down to 15 mins. Exit the plane, dump the ice and you are done.

“I was introduced to the Flightsheet App about 6 months ago by a colleague and have been using it since. It is a great but simple and economical App for A/C flight times, expenses, and trend monitoring. Looking forward to seeing the continued improvements and features added in the future.”

-Randy Foster
Chief Pilot & Managing Partner