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Introducing Flightsheet Version 1.19

Flightsheet pilots are the most valuable element for us. For this reason, we’ve got 4 new exciting features that will make your experience more efficient, saving you valuable time.

Check them out now!

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APU Information Capture and Calculations

No more time wasted recording this information by hand! If your plane has the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), this new feature will enable you to keep track of the calculations of the energy that you are using from this specific engine. Now, you can enter the number of hours and cycles to have automated calculations.

Aircraft Info - Flight Times

Fuel on Board Information Capture and Calculations

Say goodbye to emergency calls to the fuel truck, with this new feature you will have certainty about the fuel level. You will always feel safe when taking off to a new adventure. Know instantly how much fuel you have and how much fuel you have used!

Fuel, On Fuel On, Fuel Used

We’ve turbo charged your post flight experience with quick clicks

Don’t complicate life and waste time at the end of your flight. With this new update it is easier for you to complete your post flight check out. Instead of dealing with a cumbersome selection of items, now it is more efficient to see all the possibilities and finish your flightsheet in a matter of seconds!

Postflight Checklist

Raise your voice in your Flightsheet with the new highlighting feature!

When creating your report make sure the most valuable information for you stands out to your management company as well.

Highlight on Report
Flightsheet Report with Highlighted Expenses